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My wife and I were lucky enough to meet Jen at an art show during a recent vacation in Connecticut. We loved her artwork and purchased 5 pieces for our home. We live in Texas and Jen was able to ship them out to us shortly after our purchase. They arrived extremely well packaged and in perfect condition. We hung them up the other day and love them! They are a great addition to our home.”

Tim and Erin Maloney

I purchased 2 pieces from Jen at the Harbor Point Art Show, one was a commission. Jen was amazing to work with, making sure that the colorations were exactly what I wanted. She was great at communicating and the piece is perfect. I would love to work with her again.”

Dona Romano

“I’ve taken an acrylic pouring class from Jen and I’ve been pouring ever since. She teaches it with informative handouts, so we can have fun at home, and shows videos of well-known pourers. She tells us the “tricks” she’s learned along the way. The most fun is doing a pour with her. With the same colors and additives, each student gets a different result. We did dirty and swipe pours, and then finished a piece with Art Resin on the last class. I’ve asked her to do a secondary class to learn new techniques. I hope she does.”

Amy Schneider

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