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Bring the beauty of nature into your home and find
your unique moment of serenity admidst the chaos of life.

Rare, Bold, Unexpected. Serene, Calm, Joyful.
 Bring the beauty of nature into your home and find your unique moment of serenity amidst the chaos of life.

Welcome to the Fluid Art Revolution! We are a community of artists who believe that fluid acrylic is an art form. We believe in experimentation, innovation and freedom of expression. We see possibilities and ideas all around us. We pour, smush, smear and hammer paint. We work with resin and inks. Our hands are always dirty, and our clothes are covered in paint, and we’re happy that way.


We Would Love To Support Your Journey!

This is a group for fluid artists to discuss the joys and challenges of creating fluid art, and the nitty gritty aspects of building a creative business. Artists at any level are welcome to join. – This is a safe space for you to share and test out your art business messaging, artist statements and art marketing ideas. Promotion of your self and your art is allowed and encouraged (this is often hard for us artists!) one post per day. – sharing of works in progress/finished pieces is encouraged. You may share one piece per day. – questions about fluid art process are allowed, but please respect the artists prerogative to answer. This is not a “you have to share your secrets” group. Tip Tuesday : fluid artists will be invited to share their favorite products and tips. Spotlight Sunday: Video interviews with fluid acrylic artists to share a little about their process, how they started, how they found their artistic voice, tips and tricks.