“We all need a little bit of play in our lives, even grown-ups. If you watch children

at play, they are completely engrossed

in what they are doing.”

“I’m not an artist,” or “I could never do that, she must be really talented.”

These are things that we tell ourselves that keep us from trying new things. were afraid to fail, so we don’t even try. We think we’re not good enough to even entertain the idea of trying. Art was like this for me until a few years ago. I had decided when I was little in art class as I watched everyone else (at least it seemed that way to me at the time) draw and paint in ways that were so much better than anything I could do, so I put art aside, and never really tried it. I wrote it off as something I just wasn’t good at. I was never any good at following the art rules anyway. I just wanted to do my own thing. I found fluid acrylic painting and all of that changed for me. All of a sudden I had found a way to express myself.


Rare, Bold, Unexpected. Serene, Calm, Joyful.
 Bring the beauty of nature into your home and find your unique moment of serenity amidst the chaos of life.

How My Art Journey with Fluid Art Began
It was very overwhelming in the beginning.  I remember walking into the art store early on in my painting journey and starting at the acrylic aisle in tears.  What the heck was all of this stuff?  I felt out of my depth, and a little bit like a pretender (why?). There was a whole wall of mediums that I knew nothing about, along with so many brands of paint and types of paint.  I had no idea where to start until I found some videos on YouTube by the awesome artist Melissa Dion Murphy.  She broke things down and made them easy to follow.  All I needed to get started was acrylic paint and water, and she told me exactly what brands worked for her.  I went out and bought those paints, came home and made huge messes everywhere.  It wasn’t as easy as she made it look, but I was able to find enough success to keep on trying.  At that time, fluid acrylics hadn’t really taken off in the viral way that it has today, so I was pretty much on my own trying to figure it all out.  So I experimented.  I prayed and did the “ please dry like that” dance after pouring a new painting.  I walked away from my paintings each evening with a sense of fear and anticipation.  What would it look like in the morning?  Would that pretty spot in the corner still be there?  Would it have craters and holes, and if it did, why, and how could I save it.  For almost a year, I did this, and many mornings I woke up to a terrible painting the next morning.  I started taking pictures of wet paint, so I had a record of that beautiful looking painting so I could remember it when I saw the mess that it had turned into the next morning.  It was frustrating and disheartening, but I was determined to figure this thing out, and at least I had photos to remind me that it was possible to create something beautiful.  About a year after, I started to have more control of the paint.  I nailed down a method to get the right paint consistency by being pretty scientific about my process.  I would wake up the next morning to paintings that hadn’t moved at all, and I was even able to carefully move them around without too much movement.  The quest for cells and how they come and go, and how to get them to stay, was my mission.

The unpredictability of this art form is awesome.  You never know what will happen next.

Free the little girl you that loves to play

and get messy Release your inner artist

The beginner class is for you if:
You’ve never painted with fluid acrylics before but you’d like to learn how.
You’ve painted with fluid acrylics before but you struggle with getting consistent results.

Class Begins Soon! Save your virtual seat now.

Re-Opens Feb. 22nd 

Paint Science

This class is for you if you’d like to add creativity to your life in a fun, stress-free way, even if you’ve struggled with art in the past. Fluid acrylic painting is all about playing and experimenting, and there is no “wrong” way to do it!

What you get!

  • 6 weeks of guided fluid acrylic experiments using different fluid acrylic techniques

  • Information about how to get started and a detailed supply list with links to an Amazon wishlist to purchase everything quickly and easily

  • A better understanding of acrylic paint, additives and how to get and keep cool effects

  • to learn at your own pace with indefinite access to experiments and lessons

  • A supportive FB classroom w/access to guided experiments and written materials

  • To try something brand new and meet some awesome people

  • To explore your creativity in an open, judgment-free safe space




Welcome to the Fluid Art Revolution! We are a community of artists who believe that fluid acrylic is an art form. We believe in experimentation, innovation, and freedom of expression. We see possibilities and ideas all around us. We pour, smush, smear and hammer paint. We work with resin and inks. Our hands are always dirty, and our clothes are covered in paint, and we’re happy that way.

This is a group for fluid artists to discuss the joys and challenges of creating fluid art and the nitty-gritty aspects of building a creative business. Artists at any level are welcome to join.

Contact Jen today with any questions